Seva Sandwich

There is a remarkable amount of time, energy and money that goes into events that people curate to celebrate #DaanUtsav . Often, though, they remain programs that involve giving some money or material in a way that the giver doesn’t make any emotional connects with the act of giving, and hence doesn’t experience ‘joy’.

The seva sandwich activity idea is a simple one that can be done by any number of people during Daan Utsav – for example friends in an apartment complex, school, college, office, auto stand, anywhere! With sandwich making they can help with just a small amount of time and a small amount of money that will make a big difference – in the life of the receiver and of the giver!

Do watch this video, where the volunteers of Bhumi are preparing and distributing sandwiches: notice the smile on the faces of both of the giver and the receiver? Such is the sheer joy one experiences in giving!

How to organise Seva Sandwich?


  • You must identity a group of people (any number would do) who want to celebrate #DaanUtsav by making and distributing sandwiches. If the number of people is large, divide them into multiple groups.
  • A trip to the grocery store to purchase some loaves of bread, butter, aluminium foil or Ziploc bags, tomatoes and cucumbers should be enough to get you started.
  • To make it more interesting, you could ask each member of the group to pitch in by bringing one ingredient each! (Note: Many people have experimented with the kind of sandwich they want to prepare, and there can certainly be variations. As long as the sandwiches are freshly-made!)
  • Once everyone has finished preparing and packing all the sandwiches, you could lead the group to the spot where you plan to distribute the sandwiches. This could be a pre-identified orphanage or an old-age home, or just underprivileged people on the roadside.


  • The location of distribution has to be ideally within walking distance – this will encourage more people to participate!
  • Reach out to people, offer the sandwiches with humility, and talk to them; understand what they do, why they are here, and get to know them as human beings.
  • Share what you are trying to do, as your little bit to experience joy in giving.
  • If visiting an orphanage/institution, you may have to drop off sandwiches but do try and interact with the beneficiaries while they eat the sandwiches. The greatest joy comes in seeing them enjoy your efforts!

This experience will definitely give you an opportunity to learn more about their less privileged friends, their circumstances and challenges, and help build a new appreciation for how we can make a difference.